Kathy Cole, Master Instructor, ISR Fort Myers LLC
                                               Kathy Cole, Master Instructor, ISR Fort Myers LLC

Lesson Fees

ISR Registration Fee 

$105.00 for a first-time registration, then $35.00 annually for refresher students.  The Registration Fee does not include any lesson fees and is paid directly to ISR via credit card when you register online (your instructor will send you a link to register once you have completed scheduling and the first week payment to hold your time slot).  The registration fee covers the cost of a medical/developmental screening review to ensure the safest possible lesson for your child.  We have pediatric nurses on staff who review these.  After Registration is complete, you will receive a "welcome package" from ISR containing a Parent Resource Book and BUDS forms.  You will also receive a code to purchase $15 of complimentary items (swim diapers, towels, etc) from www.isrstore.com.  This comes in the registration approval email.

Weekly Fees:  $90.00 payable by cash, check or Paypal. Payment is due weekly on Mondays.  Depending on the age of your child, it typically takes 4-6 weeks for a child to become skilled. However, ISR lessons are always tailored to each child's individual emotional and physical pace.  Click here to see how many weeks you should expect.  

Available Discounts

Discounts for siblings: $170/wk for two siblings, $230/wk for three siblings.  

Discounts for first responders (restricted to police, fire, EMT/paramedic) is $75/child/wk.  

There are no discounts available on the ISR registration fee for siblings or first responders.


Scholarship options are available on a very limited basis depending on the time of year. Income qualification requirements are subject to change and applicants are required to submit tax returns and/or paystubs for consideration.  Email k.cole@infantswim.com for more information.  

Maintenance Lessons:   

$18.00 per lesson payable by cash, check or credit card via PayPal.  Time slots are very limited-speak to your instructor if you think your child could benefit from maintenance lessons.  Maintenance lessons are VERY necessary if your child has had an unexpected fall into the water, will not float or perform the rollback to float, or is showing any sort of hesitation or lack of confidence in performing the skills they recently mastered in ISR lessons. 




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