Kathy Cole, Master Instructor, ISR Fort Myers
Kathy Cole, Master Instructor, ISR Fort Myers



***Scheduling for 2017 is now closed for NEW students.  There are a couple time slots available for refresher students.  The 2018 schedule will be posted soon.  Please be sure to "Like" my Kathy's ISR Swimmers page on FB at www.facebook.com/isrfortmyers as I will post there once the 2018 schedule is up.  I hope to have it up by late September. 


Please note:  If you have a planned vacation that will occur during your child's scheduled lesson weeks, please email me prior to scheduling.


Lessons are 10 min/day, 5 days per week, Mon-Fri for 4-6 weeks depending on your child's age, so please plan scheduling accordingly. 


Once you select a target start date and time slot on the scheduler, you will be prompted to pay $80 for the first week of lessons to secure their time slot on my schedule.  First week's lesson fees will only be refunded if you give a minimum one week cancellation notice.  


The registration link and further instructions will be emailed to you immediately once scheduling and payment have been completed.  Be sure to check your spam folder for this and read thoroughly.


if you qualify for a sibling or first responder discount, you will need to pay the standard $80 deposit to secure time slots for each child.  I will adjust on my end for siblings and you will receive a credit on the second week.  For first responder discount, please email me the name and dept. of the first responder and an adjustment will be made toward the second week.  


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