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First Day Information

Thank you for scheduling your child with ISR Fort Myers! We look forward to meeting you and working with your child!

Please review the following information carefully. We know this is a lot of information, but your child's first day will go much smoother if you take the time to read this now. THANK YOU! :)

1.     Once you have completed the ISR registration and paid the $105 fee, you will receive an email from Please check your spam folder if you do not happen to see this in your in-box. If your child was approved, please continue to step 2 below.


If your child's registration is pending, our registration team may need further medical/developmental information on your child, so please keep an eye on your emails in case they need further clarification in order to approve the registration. Please understand that our Registration Team only wants to make sure we are providing the safest possible lessons for your child, and the information they request will help to do that.  

  The approval email from contains your child's registration form. This means your child is approved to begin lessons. 

3.   You will also receive a link to the online version of our Parent Resource Guide.  This book will answer many of your questions and educate you about our method of teaching ISR Self-Rescue skills, as well as general water safety and safeguarding your home aquatic environment.

4.   You will read in the Parent Resource Guide about the importance of your positive attitude and emotions with regard to lessons, so please keep in mind that your child is constantly observing you and taking his or her emotional cues from you. Maintaining a positive, supportive attitude throughout your child’s ISR lessons will have a big impact on your child's ISR lesson experience! If you have a question or a concern regarding lessons, please feel free to contact us at any time. We make every effort to discuss your child's progress at the end of each lesson, but if you would like to speak with us privately, please send us an email and we can arrange to speak by phone later in the day.

5.   Please be sure to read and sign the two sets of documents in your portal.  You will receive a link to view these in your confirmation email once you have scheduled.  It will accompany the ISR registration link.  You want to look these over especially carefully to ensure your child's lesson experience is a great one! You will be required to sign this document electronically, so it is important that you are familiar with it. If you have other caregivers bringing your child to lessons, please be sure they review this document as well. Our goal is for each child to have a smooth and enjoyable learning experience, and parents play a very big role in ensuring that the child's experience at the pool is a positive one!

Things to bring with you the first day of lessons:

  • TWO swim diapers; preferably 2 cloth or one cloth over top of a disposable Little Swimmer diaper
  • THREE towels (refer to Lesson Guidelines doc below and Parent Resource Guide for reasons on why 3 towels)
  • All documents are done electronically via poolside Ipad so no need to bring any paperwork to the pool!!




The first day, we have a lot of information to talk through.


The first lesson will likely be very short. I will begin to try to establish a rapport with your child. 

We will look to establish how to hold their breath, and infants will get started learning their back float.


 Your child may be upset on the first day, second day, third day...but it usually starts to get better by the end of week one. We want to make you aware of this because it is hard for any of us to see our children upset. Please remember these emotions do not mean they are "fearful". Crying can mean anxiety of trying something new. We are all a little nervous when we attempt a new skill, especially with a new person. Then as our skill begins to increase and it can meet the challenges at hand, we begin to enjoy the experience. Our goal is to set every child up for success as often as possible throughout lessons so that they can build confidence as quickly as possible. In most cases, the emotion will reduce within the first week or two.


As the parent, you are the best cheerleader your child could ask for. Smile at your child and praise them for their hard work and efforts! Always keep the conversation positive and focused on what they're learning to do.


After the lesson, we will hand your child out of the pool, laying them on their left side. Please lay two of the towels down on the deck. We will place your child on top of them. Use the 3rd towel to cover and dry your child. Allow them to lay there for a few minutes before getting up.


Above all else, please remember that we are here to answer any questions you may have. We want you to be comfortable every step of the way. Your children will sense your emotions and we want them to become confident and enthusiastic. These are also our goals for you as our ISR parents. Please know that we do understand that the early days of lessons are tough as you and your child get to know and trust us, and your child learns to engage the water in a different way than they have previously experienced. We were once ISR parents ourselves, so we do understand your emotions. Be confident in your child and in us as the instructor, and you will be amazed at what we will accomplish! 


See you poolside!


Steve and Kathy Cole
Certified ISR Instructors

ISR Fort Myers LLC

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